Monday, February 4, 2008

Waiting redefined

The dreary winter days of February have settled upon us, yet there is a stirring in our hearts that warms our souls. We have completed "The Paperwork" to be approved to adopt a sibling group of boys from Ukraine. The dossier packet was hand delivered in December, 2007 by a staff person from Hopeful Hearts Foundation.

Now, we wait. With each kind person that asks, "Have you heard anything?" We respond with "were waiting". Waiting. I know the Lord is faithful and he has prepared us for this moment. Waiting. We are not anxious. We are not sad or disappointed that we have not received "the phone call" as of yet. No, we eagerly wait as did the prodigal son's father. We are waiting and watching on the horizon for the phone call to say,"It's time. Come to the Ukraine, your son is waiting."