Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lincoln Tunnel Here We Come!

  Amsterdam airport, waiting to get on the plane.
The passport was delivered to the apartment in Odessa...yippeee!  We packed our bags and traveled to Kiev on Saturday the 13th.  Our host family was able to arrange for a man from their church to transport us by a van to Kiev.  We stayed with our facilitator, Galya, in Kiev for the next few days.  Sunday, December 14th, we remained at her apartment all day.  Monday, December 15th, we traveled downtown Kiev to submit paperwork to the American Embassy to file for Evan's visa.  I went to the KLM airline office to purchase Evan's plane ticket and try to arrange different flight schedule.  I was only able to obtain a schedule that would place us in Amsterdam airport overnight (15 hours).  We would not be able to leave the airport because Evan's visa is only good for the United States and the Amsterdam airport's hotel was booked. Tuesday, December 16th, we had an interview at American Embassy at 2:00pm.  Evan's visa was granted at 2:30pm.  We returned to the KLM airline office so that I could request a different flight schedule.  After 2 hours of waiting, the KLM staff person booked our flight to leave on Wednesday, December 17th and be home on December 17th.  We returned to Galya's apartment, ate dinner, packed our bags.  We were so excited about coming home.  We awoke 3:00am on Wednesday and began our journey home.  We flew from Kiev to Amsterdam to JFK to Louisville.