Monday, December 8, 2008

The Official "Gotcha Day"

The weather had turned off colder along with rain, but none of that put a damper on today. We awoke with butterflies in our bellies and knowing that our lives will be changed forever. We went to a local grocery store and purchased gifts for the orphanage employees and the children in Evan's group. The bags were filled with apples, bananas, chocolates, cakes, and cookies. A time to celebrate. As we entered the gates of the orphanage, I remembered that just a few weeks ago we stood outside those gates wondering who was waiting for us on the other side.
We were able to express our appreciation to the wonderful people who has cared for our son through words of gratitude and love. The women who have cared for Evan shared stories about him and informed us that he is "a good boy". We brought a new outfit for Evan and they dressed him as he peeked over and smiled at us. The room was full of little ones taking a nap, so we were able to see Evan's crib, empty. We spoke with the director and attorney as well. They shared how Evan has been looking for us each day and smiling more. We expressed our gratitude to them and encouraged them to continue their good work. We spoke our farewells and gathered up our son and walked to the taxi.

Daddy, Mommy, and Evan leaving the orphanage. We celebrate with each of you for this journey has not ended, it has just begun!