Friday, July 11, 2008

7:40 am Phone call from Kathy

So, the phone call goes like this, "This is Kathy, I just got a call from the Ukraine, it's time to update the Dossier and have it to me by 07/21/08."  "So, what does this mean?"  "It means that you need to get ready to leave the country sometime in September." 
"Are you sure?" "Remember the documents that you need to get me?"  "Yes." "Call me if you have questions, I'm leaving town this Saturday but you can reach me by email."

So, 07/10/08 the phone call from Kathy issued  "Full steam ahead!"    

Are you wondering, what is a dossier?  paperwork.  expensive paperwork.  forms such as: petition to adopt form, home study, letter of employment, medical reports and medical license from primary care physician, passports, letter of obligation, power of attorney, police clearance records, FBI fingerprints, an I-171 H approval letter, marriage certificate, deed to the house.  
What does one do with all of these forms?  These forms have to be notarized, travel to county courthouse to be certified, then travel to state capital to be apostilled  with each stamp or seal of approval a $5.00 fee is applied.  $270.00 to be exact. 
 We submitted the dossier back in December 26, 2007, but everything is date sensitive.  So, we get to travel again with the dossier in hand to be resubmitted to the Ukraine.  We hope to have everything completed by July 18th.  So, please pray for us--get the forms in order and delivered.