Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just another day?

Another day has gone by, another day I have thought about the son that the Lord has for us, another day the Lord has blessed us with his mercies and love, another day I am challenged to set my selfish desires that serve me aside and instead serve others, another day that I am comforted in knowing that Jesus Christ is in control of the entire adoption process and I must lean not on my own understanding but trust in Him.  today, the "missing" documents that we mailed once and then had to resend again was delivered on 09/02/08.  we mailed the documents on august 15, 2008 with hopes of being reviewed and assigned a travel date by 09/02/08.  another day of waiting in eager anticipation as the Lord reveals his plans--in his timing.  we covet your prayers and welcome words of encouragement in the comment section.  another day and i will be informing you of a travel date.