Monday, October 6, 2008

Like Santa, checking the list and checking it twice

We have compiled a list of necessities to take with us to Ukraine.  I am thankful for fellow bloggers with their insights, experience, and packing lists.  Being a Type A Personality kinda gal, lists are good.  Realizing that we are leaving in November and will need to pack layers of clothing, we have a goal of only taking what will fit into 2 carry on bags and a backpack.  We have packed a large suitcase and filled the trunk of the car for a weekend vacation and now we are packing for 4-5 weeks in 2 carry-on bags.  I would rather do without some "luxuries" instead of lugging the "luxuries" half way around the world.  So, the plane tickets have been purchased with flight to Detroit then Amsterdam then Kiev.  The travel distance is 5208 miles between us and our son.  Kiev is 7 hours ahead of us.  We leave on Saturday afternoon and arrive Sunday in Kiev around 4:oopm.  On the way home, we will spend the night in New York due to an extended lay over.  We are counting down the days to leave and trying our best to keeping LIFE in perspective.