Thursday, November 20, 2008

Buckle your seatbelts

11/19/08 Wednesday
Buckle your seat belts because the Lord is definitely driving this whole journey!
We traveled to Odessa by taxi driver along with Galya. We waited until 5:30pm to meet the director of the orphanage and our son. The director shared about his birth and how he was born at local hospital and then his mother left him. He has lived at the orphanage since that day. Anatoliy was born in April 2007--the same time we began the adoption process. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. We were able to sit on the floor of the director's office and play with him for about 30 mintues. Ahhh, to see the smile of a little boy. The director asked if we wanted to proceed with the adoption...YES YES YES...this is not just a boy that we "picked out", no this is our son that the Lord has   chosen for us. We had to say good night as a caregiver came and took him to dinner. Good night little one, till tomorrow.

11/20/08 Thursday
We arrived to the orphanage to visit Anatoliy this morning, but were told that we needed to return this evening.  We were able to go with Galya to local notary to get some paperwork done and some waiting and more paperwork, then to the open market. 

The market was just a street away from the orphanage.  I am standing with a local shop keeper and able to buy several pretty scarves from her as gifts.


We were able to meet some nice people who welcomed us with their various goods for sell.