Monday, November 17, 2008

SDA Appointment at Noon

The SDA appointment was finally today! We began this journey a year and seven months ago
and now we are getting in the car to go. Can someone pinch me? We took a taxi to the SDA, anticipation of learning about our child was great. The traffic was something compared to that of New York city. People were literally driving in on coming traffic and one man drove his vehicle up on the sidewalk. Interesting.

The man in the picture is the security guard at the SDA gate. We walked up to the SDA building and greeted by the security guard. We went into the building to discover several people were standing on the steps and in the hallway. People kept referring to a piece of paper posted that indicated the names and times of appointments for the day. We patiently waited for the social worker to call our names to come up the steps into her office. I had total peace about whatever was about to happen upstairs. She came and leaned over the steps and called our names.
We gathered in her office along with the SDA director and another social worker. They spoke in Russian to Galya about the referral. The social worker asked us to share about who we are such as professions and why we have come to Ukraine to adopt. Then, she shared with us about our son. She read the referral and showed us his picture. He was born on April 9, 2007. He lives in Odessa. His name is Anatoliy. We were informed that he has blond hair and is a "good boy" and happy. We looked at one another and with no hesitation we agreed to travel to our son. We covet your continued prayers and the way the Lord is working through them.
The picture is Saint Andrew's Church which is right next to the SDA office. After the appointment we went to the post office to make photocopies of documents. We were relieved to have finally learned about our son and awaited in eager anticipation to meet him.