Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Plane has Landed

We have arrived safely in the Ukraine--on time without any complications, except for a missing bag.
We arrived into Kiev, exited the plane, walked over to a shuttle bus, rode a bit, then went into the airport to wait for our luggage. The big blue suitcase came around and Todd's carry-on, but not mine. Todd went into Lost Luggage office to complete forms, I sat on a bench and prayed. Todd had to declare the lost bag and talked with a customs officer. A bit nervous but it was fine. We walked through some glass sliding doors and found Galya. She was holding a SPROUSE sign, easy enough. Hugs and smiles. We loaded up the car and headed to her apartment. Galya prepared dinner for us. After dinner we chatted for a while with her and her friend. Then, off to sleep. After crossing time zones that placed us 7 hours ahead, my body was not sure whether to start the day over or go to bed, bed it was.
No need to be anxious about the SDA appointment the next day because we were too tired!